Hi! My name is Sara and welcome to my site. I’m so happy that your trek through the interwebs has brought you here. Kick off your shoes, and stay a while. I’ll spin you a yarn or two. This little corner of cyberspace is dedicated to sharing my journey as a writer – the stories of life and page that sometimes end up as books, or musicals, or Oscar winning screenplays. Okay, the last is kind of a pipedream, but you get the gist.

I love to blog about writing, community, faith, education, and the hilarity that is living in a real life Full House. Just call me Uncle Jesse.  I hope this site brings you inspiration, encouragement, or insatiable wit to bless you as you too pursue what makes you come alive.

All the best, fellow dreamers.

Connect with me here: porchandstory@gmail.com


Once upon a time I was a film student. Editing was my game, and I wasn’t half bad – probably a mean second to my coffee making skills, which I procured interning at a variety of post houses in Chicago.

In a rather unprecedented switch-a-roo, I decided instead of heading to Hollywood after graduation, to make my way to southern Illinois. I spent seven years living in community at the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. Our team of missionaries lived, served, and loved on a community that probably did more for me than I ever did for it – I was schooled in starting a non-profit, the realities of God, the beauty of family, and the prevalent racial inequality in America. Cairo, Illinois was a priceless gift, opening my eyes and heart to some of the harshness of life, and the extravagant goodness of God in the midst of it.

Having spent a good deal of time investing in the kids of Cairo, I journeyed to Redding, CA to go back to school to become a teacher. I completed a Masters in Education and taught for four years. I loved spending my days adventuring through life with action-packed third and fourth graders, and would on occasion share stories with them that I had written in the wee hours of the morning. I blame it on the kids, and by blame I mean thank, for injecting my life with childlike wonder and life decisions based on ridiculous what ifs. For they were really the chorus of small, but loud voices who encouraged me to take my silly writing hobby seriously – to take a risk – and pursue a dream. Note to self: careful what you teach kids, they may ask you to demonstrate.

And so I took “the great leap”, quitting my job and to find a rhythm of life that would provide time and energy to tell the stories that brewed within.

So here I am in free fall.

Who knows how this story will end, but I have discovered at least one invaluable truth about myself on the journey.

I was willing to take a leap.