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The Book Maker is a short story about a traveler who is invited to a library in the woods. This endearing, family-friendly tale may leave you just as transformed as the traveler.

Nothing is as it seems in the library.

It’s better than you hoped.

Believe it or not, the Book Maker was originally written as a gift for a white elephant exchange a few years ago. I was blessed to be a part of a small group in Northern California where everyone in the group had a creative bent, and so rather than buying knick knacks for our annual white elephant exchange, we decide to create a gift – without knowing who would receive it.

I love writing stories as gifts for people, but I’d never written one without knowing the recipient. When the gifts were opened, a sweet friend received this story, it found its perfect home. I read the story aloud to the group and we enjoyed the fellowship and family of the moment.

A few days later, I read a copy of the story to a group of third and fourth graders and their eyes widened as the journey unfolded.

It became a favorite tale and a gift I hoped would bless time and again.

The past few years I’ve had it in my heart to complete a writing project in time for Christmas, but life was full this year, and the project I had in mind outgrew my timeline. I shrugged my shoulders, sighed, and trusted God’s timing.

During worship one Sunday in November, Papa began to speak to me about this story and the notion of giving it a voice. I had no idea how to do it, but He began to talk me through each step. I listened. I followed. I learned. And so, because He knows how much I delight in sharing stories this time of year, here is The Book Maker.

I highly recommend listening with a hot cup of cider.

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